Two Laramie High School seniors are training for the upcoming 2018 Powerlifting National Competition on March 24 in Appleton, Wis.  

Paul Boss and Jaden Rasmussen train similarly before a competition: less repetition with higher amounts of weight per lift and longer periods between exercises.  

Both men hold Wyoming State records in each of their weight classes and hope to find similar success at the national level. Boss will be competing in the 83 kilo weight class equating about 182 pounds for the varsity high school age group.

Rasmussen will compete in the 93 kilo(205 pound) weight class with the 18-19 year old group.

“The only thing that I’m thinking about is placing in the top five,” Boss said. “I think right now I can get in the top five, I think by the competition I’ll be able to get in the top three.”

Boss hopes to have his totals up to a 280 pound bench, 385 pound squat and a 470 pound deadlift. He currently has a 270 pound bench, 370 squat and 465 deadlift.

Jaden Rasmussen deadlifting at LHS

Rasmussen currently totals at 335 pounds for bench, 450 pounds for squat 520 pound for deadlift.

Rasmussen has won all four of his competitions for his weight class at the state level and holds all records for his respective lifts.  

“I hold all the records for teen one, two and three,” Rasmussen said. “And I have a junior bench press record.”

Boss also holds state records for his weight class. At his most recent competition he placed fourth overall.  

“My previous meet was the most successful one, the other ones before that I was pretty weak,” Boss said. “I have the Wyoming State record for the biggest total in my weight class, the best bench and the best squat.”

Even though Boss and Rasmussen are travelling together, they train from a different perspective.

Paul Boss at Laramie Fitness

Boss describes his method as a scientific approach.

“I’m taking my percentages for each day and I have to stick to that program no matter what,” Boss said. “Each week I’m basically upping the percentage a little bit to get a little bit heavier and by the time I’m a week out I think I’m going to be doing about 90 percent of my max for a few reps and sets and that’s really it. My training’s really getting less and less volume as I go.”

During their off season Boss and Rasmussen have a similar stance on their training. They raise the volume of their workouts, lower the weight and raise their frequency.  

Instead of hitting muscles once a week, Boss states that he will hit target muscle groups up to three times.

Rasmussen’s offseason regimen is that of a body builder: high volume, high weight and larger muscles.  

“Lotta weight, lotta volume, lotta reps, lotta sets, get the muscle juiced up,”  Rasmussen said.

The two have raised the money independently to travel and compete in the 2018 High School Nationals Powerlifting Competition.