Students at Laramie High School have brought a new form of entertainment to their peers
by creating a podcast.
Liam McInroy, Abijah Ahern, Ben Taboga and Ryan McManaman started the Mad Kids
Good City podcast last January providing a new entertainment medium to the students at
Laramie High School.
“Not a lot of high schoolers listen to podcasts. Not a lot of high schoolers want to listen to an hour long podcast or even a 45 minute long podcast, but really our goal is to just develop a consistent listenership from episode to episode.” Abijah Ahern said.
“This is not a medium that high schoolers usually consume.” Abijah Ahern said. “We
listen to a lot of podcasts and we like that culture a lot, so like we joked about the idea for a
while and then when Ben got that mic we were like screw it let’s make it a real thing”
The “Mad Kids Good City” podcast has released three episodes since its start up this
winter, and is currently producing a fourth. They plan to continue the podcast for as long as they
can, focusing on the production of quality content and an increase in listenership.
New episodes of the “Mad Kids Good City” podcast are put out on soundcloud every week.

Each episode has an average run time of 45 minutes.
The podcast primarily focuses on current events in sports, culture, and politics; while
covering a range of local events as well. “It’s pretty broad and we like it that way” Abijah Ahern
The most recent episodes have covered topics such as the Deferred Action for Childhood
Arrivals reform, the United State’s Coast Guard’s authority within the great lakes region. They also ran a small segment that helps to explain the theory of evolution.
Most episodes feature a guest star, providing listeners with the chance to come on and
exchange friendly banter with the hosts.

“Ultimately it’s about banter. It’s supposed to just be
funny” Abijah Ahern said.
This week’s guest star was Henry Yost, a Laramie High School student. Henry was
featured in a new segment titled “Henry’s Hot Takes.”

“He said some stuff that we’re probably going to have to cut because it might have crossed a line” Abijah Ahern said.
The podcast features six regular segments covering a variety of topics and even includes
an educational and comedic segment titled “Liam Explains”.

“This is quality content.” Liam McInroy said.
Abijah Ahern is in charge of editing each episode, which can take anywhere from two to
three hours to record.

“Editing it, especially with how busy I am because that is a two to three hour process. I like to do it all at once, it’s easier to do it that way. So I don’t get around to doing that until a couple days later.” Ahern said.

The podcast is recorded using studio microphones and is then edited using Garage Band’s
editing software.