The Laramie High School Boys Swimming team is preparing for the 2018 Boys State Swimming Meet at LHS on Feb. 15-17.

Tom Hudson is the swimming coach at LHS and he is starting to change up practice for the team in preparation for state.

“We’ve been working really really hard on our conditioning, doing a lot of technique work in there too and now we’re starting to do what’s called taper so we’re going to take the hard work and were going to drop the amount of work down, up until we get to the state meet,” Hudson said.

LHS senior Jesse Franc is one of Hudson’s swimmers who is getting ready for state. Franc believes that Hudson’s methods have been successful at preparing the swimmers for state.

“We do technique often but pretty much just our grueling practices and his training regimen that he’s refined over the years is what’s preparing us for state,” Franc said.   

LHS placed first at the Conference Meet that took place last Friday and Saturday at South High School in Cheyenne. Hudson believed that Thunder Basin High School was going to win the meet and that LHS would take second.  

“Thunder Basin is probably favored to win that and I would say that we were picked to be second,” Hudson said. “We have beat Thunder Basin a couple of times this year, they have beat us a couple of times so that will be our main competition. We should get either first or second.”

Hudson along with many members on the Boys Swimming team consider Thunder Basin, Kelly Walsh and Green River High School the hardest competition that LHS faces at state.

According to Franc the team has been “pretty solid” but sickness is causing swimmers to miss practice and not perform as well. However, the cold season hasn’t stopped LHS swimmers from breaking records. Franc said that Max DeYoung broke the 100 meter backstroke record for the school and has a promising time ahead of him at state. Franc also believes that LHS holds the 200 meter free relay record at the school’s pool.  

LHS swimmers have to eat a healthy diet in order to perform their best throughout the season and during state. The high-intensity practices require the swimmers to up their daily calorie intake.

“I try to eat as healthy as I can but I really just eat a lot of food,” Franc said. “I try not to lose a bunch of weight because that’s usually what happens with two a day practices but my diet’s just a lot of healthy food I guess.”

Franc credits his coaches and teammates for his dedication and passion for swimming. He originally planned to swim in college but he mentioned that he hasn’t been thinking about it as much as the end of the school year approaches.