The LHS Musical Theater two class will perform Into The Woods during the last week of April; tickets will cost 6 dollars for students and 8 for adults.

Musical Theater is a class at Laramie High School that produces different plays throughout the year.

The class is divided into Musical Theater one and two. There are no prerequisites for Musical Theater one, and it’s intended for those who are new to theater.

In order to be a member of Musical Theater two, however, one must audition in advance as this class is intended for students with more experience.

Musical Theater 2 students warming up their vocals with teacher Mike Hancey.

Auditions for next year’s Musical Theater two class will likely occur during the first part of this month. To audition a student must perform a Broadway song and a monologue of their choice.

Into the Woods is a play written by James Lapine that was made musical by the composition and lyrical work of Stephan Sondheim. The Play follows the endeavors of a baker and his wife as well as classic fairy tale characters such as Cinderella, Rapunzel, Little Red riding hood, and more.

“Act one is the traditional story happily ever after, and act two is where we see the results of their actions that they have taken, the consequences of their actions, and sometimes the things you most wish for are not to be had, and that’s kind of the moral of the story, is be careful what you wish for because you might actually get it,” LHS Musical Theater teacher, Mike Hancey, said.

Hancey tries to plan performances about a year in advance and takes what shows have been done, as well as what styles and composers haven’t been used. Furthermore, the content of the play is considered.

“There’s a lot of productions out in the community that are not very family friendly, for a variety of reasons, and we try to keep ours as family friendly as possible.”

Musical Theater 2 students and Mike Hancey preparing for the production of Into The Woods during class.

Musical Theater has performed two plays so far this year. The Addams Family Musical was performed in November, and You Can’t Take it With You in January.

Mock auditions for Into The Woods were used as first semester’s final, in which students would audition and receive an immediate response as to what improvements could be made before the actual auditions.

At the beginning of the second semester, their first assignment was the true auditions. The cast list for the play was posted on Jan. 27.

Rehearsals for the performance have already begun, class time is utilized to rehearse and as shows get closer the students begin “two-a-days,” where the class also has evening rehearsals that begin at 7 pm and end at around 9 pm.

In an effort to involve more students in the production, Billie Vanlandingham, a teacher at LHS, will have students preparing fliers for the play.

Aside from collaborations within LHS, Musical Theater will be doing a combined performance with the University of Wyoming Next February.

The production will be a part of the UW main stage, where high school students will be working next to college students on stage and backstage.