From November through December of 2017, the Laramie Senior High School International Club is selling Christmas Advent calendars for 2 dollars.

This is a fundraiser for the International Club’s future public activities and school trips. This fundraiser is run by Nick DeFrank, and Diane Thompson. Thomson and DeFrank are both language teachers at the senior high. The event is being carried out by the students of Laramie High School and members of the International Club.

Selling these Advent calendars is taking place at Laramie High school, The Festival of trees, and other events being put on by the University of Wyoming Art Museum in Laramie.

This annual fundraiser started November 1st, and will officially end on Tuesday, December 19th of 2017. Thompson has been carrying out this event for a few years, and just recently the product being sold was changed from German candies to Christmas Advent calendars.

Christmas Advent calendars are calendars with compartments opened once for every day of December. These compartments are usually filled with small Christmas shaped (trees, candles, bears, presents, Santa, penguins, reindeer, etc.) chocolates and are shared daily among families and siblings. Advent calendars are a popular tradition that originated in Germany.

The money raised during these two months will go to International club public events, meetings and activities. The money raised will also to towards trips around the world for members of the international club and for students in higher level foreign language classes.

These trips are fun ways for students to come together and learn the language that they are studying in a “hands on” environment. They are educational trips and valuable to all of the language teachers and students alike. All of the different language classes take different trips throughout the years to many new and exciting places. For example, Spanish students have, in past years, traveled to Spain.

The Laramie High School International Club welcomes you to stop by either the French room or German room in the high school to buy a calendar, or ask one of the students for more details.