Laramie High School students went on a field trip to Casper on Dec. 4 to show off their knowledge on U.S. politics in a regional competition.

The event students went to was a part of the AP Government and Politics class. The competition was held by the We the People foundation. The goal of the foundation is to have students take an interest in civics education.

Several high schools in Wyo. competed in the competition. Students prepared their speeches by researching We the People textbooks and then they presented their speeches to the judges of the competition. The speeches were focused on the constitution and the branches off of it. LHS qualified to compete at state by placing second at the competition.  

LHS senior Abijah Ahern competed in the competition.

“The total competition was out of 1080 points and we ended up just 13 points off and with the result of that we got second place which to me was pretty disappointing,” Ahern said. “As a whole we are fairly content because the toughest of the eight teams were there.”

Even though they didn’t place first the LHS team is proud of the speeches they gave at the competition.

“The one spot that was a really nice bright spot for me and the team was our speech scores,” Ahern said.  “The judges were highly impressed as a whole from our speeches and the feedback we got from them was very positive.”

Participating and preparing for the competition strengthened student’s understanding of the constitution.

“Overall the experience was a good one and I learned a lot when it came to the in-depth parts of the constitution,” Ahern said. “I knew the general facts about the constitution but what I learned was that there is much more to the constitution then there may appear. I learned a lot about the nuances of the constitution as well as the clauses that are in the constitution and how these clauses are viewed and interpreted differently by people.”