The Boys’ basketball season started on Mon Nov. 27 at Laramie High School. The students that are allowed to join the teams range from freshmen to seniors.

LHS senior, Frank Crum has been playing on the Laramie Plainsman basketball team for the past four years of his high school career. As have many of the boys on the varsity team. Seniors Nathan Burman, and Chad Browning have also been on the basketball team since they were freshmen.

“We have practice every day but, on Tuesday and Thursday’s we have morning and night practice,” Crum said.

Morning practices start at 5:30 a.m. and go until 7 a.m. Then, after school the junior varsity and varsity teams have a second practice that lasts for a two-hours.

“Personally, it is not hard juggling academics and basketball,” Crum said. “It helps me more with managing my time. When we leave for away games, we just have to learn how to manage your work and time.”

Travis Brown, head coach for two seasons, has already made some important decisions about being successful.

“I can already see he has changed to a more players-oriented coach than compared to last year,” Crum said.

Most of the players on the basketball teams have been playing together since before Jr. High School on traveling teams that range in age from 12-18 years old. With all of these players being together for so long they grow close to each other.

“I would consider the whole varsity team to be very close, a true brotherhood,” Crum said.

Players on the younger teams look up to the varsity players for guidance, much like a “big brother” figure.

“Yeah, the younger kids definitely look up to the older kids,” Crum said.

Many of the players have been involved in other sports before basketball. Some things that the coaches focus on is getting the players in prime condition for the season and in the right mind set.

“This season, we are voted to be the number four team, and we all have really good experience working with each other,” Crum said. “I think we will be a successful team this year.”