A Laramie High School English teacher returned to LHS on Nov. 20 after being gone since the beginning of the school year due to maternity leave.

Laurie Mckain had a welcoming return after her long break.

“My first day back everyone came and said ‘hi’ or ‘hey’ and it really made me feel good to know that people did care that I was back,” McKain said. “Seeing the students that I had, even had in the past and all of the colleagues welcome me back one by one made the first day back a good one. Having a good first day made leaving my kid for the first day of daycare that much easier because that isn’t an easy thing to do with all the emotions tied in and such.”

Even though she enjoys being back it is still hard for her to transition from spending all her time raising her child to working full time.

“I miss not having hectic mornings,” McKain said. “When I was on leave it was easier because I could ease into the day since I wasn’t on a tight schedule. I was able to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning but now my husband and I are on a schedule again and its rough getting two young kids ready by seven in the morning, especially when two-year olds don’t enjoy putting their shoes on.”

Despite the difficulties of returning to work, Mckain is happy to be back.

 “I love my job, I really do,” Mckain said. “Obviously I really love my kids too, but I missed working with high schoolers. There’s just something about the level of achievement and the conversations that is special.”

Mackain’s dedication for teaching helps make her time at LHS worthwhile.

“Being able to teach what I enjoy, that being literature is kind of giving me the best of both worlds because since this is high school I come here every day and never really had to grow up and I get to talk about things I’m passionate about,” Mckain said. “Doing something that you are actually passionate about and seeing a difference in the community with what you’re doing makes it a lot easier to leave your kids.”