The Laramie High School Legal Studies and Mock Trial class won the Wyo. state competition on Nov. 18.

Legal Studies and Mock Trial is both a club and a class offered at LHS. The class is run by Whitney Martin and Kyle Stucky. The students who take part in the class learn about the different aspects of the law. In the club the students get a lot more in depth on the procedures of a courtroom and how to interact in a court house setting.

The club prepares the students to compete with many other teams in the state and helps them earn a chance to compete in nationals. Wyo. Legal Studies and Mock Trial allows multiple teams from the same school as well as teams from private and middle schools to compete. This ensures that there is always a good field of competitors.

Martin and Stucky had 16 students in the club which were separated into two different teams for the competition.  To get started, the students were given a case on Sept. 1. They then had 10 weeks to prepare their case which includes what evidence they are going to present as well as their points of emphasis. The competitors were expected to wear formal dress and be clean cut for the competition in order to make it as realistic as possible. Both Laramie teams competed well, taking home both the first and second place trophy.

Although both teams competed well only the winning team is allowed to go to nationals.

“It’s kind of bitter sweet because it was in the championship round and you knew one team would qualify for nationals in Reno and one team is going to come up a little short and be a little heart broken,” Stucky said.

The winning team is considering attending nationals on May. 10-12 in Reno Nevada and they plan to start fundraising after the holiday season. Stucky said that they also want “to give it time to let it the victory really sink in.”