The day before Thanksgiving, three Laramie High School students and one teacher went down to Denver to help out a program that sends necessities and toys to third-world countries for the holidays.

LHS teacher Sheri Johnson and students Emmy Johnson, Kyra Wulff and Jayla Wulff worked an eight-hour shift at the “Operation Christmas Child” processing center which is part of Samaritan’s Purse. “Operation Christmas Child” is a ministry started by Franklin Grahm, son of Billy Grahm, to help out children in third-world counties by sending a box gifts during the holidays and to spread the word of God.

Students from left to right: Kyra Wulff, Jayla Wulff, and Emmy Johnson

This program starts by reaching out to churches all across America during the holidays. These churches have their members pack a shoe box full of hygiene items, clothes and toys. Once this is done, the churches will send these boxes to their local processing center to be-finalized and shipped. Church members can pay a small fee to add a special shipping label that allows churches to track their box until its final destination. Denver is one of the western processing centers in the United States that needs volunteers.


In November and December for four weeks these centers startup operations and these LHS students and teacher saw an opportunity to help. At the beginning of their eight-hour shift, they started to check shoe boxes that have been packed to make sure they had the right item before their long journey.

 No liquids are allowed and participants needed to make sure that all items were present and packed correctly. After checking a box, they were taped back up and ready to ship to children in third-world countries. They did this for the first six hours.

The last two hours were dedicated to rolling up shirts to be donated, shorting out news shoes and putting together bracelets that had a note tied to them. The bracelets had meaning with color and charms and the sheet attached explained the gospel.

 “It was amazing seeing all the volunteers, young and old, that worked hard. The students that came served with joy and gave maximum effort all day,” Sheri Johnson said.

At 5 p.m. the shift ended and the volunteers headed home knowing more volunteers with the same passion would pick up where they left off the next day, and so on for the remainder of “Operation Christmas Child”.