Mythology is a class available for juniors and seniors at Laramie High School that counts as an English credit.

In the Mythology class, taught by Emily Lamont, a teacher at LHS, Students read different myths and engage in activities that help students to build a better understanding of the myth.

“We are studying Greek and European myths so we read a lot of Ragnarok Thor myths,” Brooke Worman, an LHS junior who is taking mythology, said.

“We read a myth in class then we all get assigned parts and we do discussion questions on them and talk about how those myths are used in our understanding today,” Worman said.

A couple myths the class has read are The White Heart, Sigurd the Dragon, Odin’s Quest for Wisdom, Treasures of the Gods, The Bride of the King, Sword of the Volsungs, The Children of Loki, The Apples of Iduna, The Building of the Wall, and the Unicorn Hunt.

“For some of the myths, we do projects with them,” Worman said. “A project we did was we made a shield that the European Knights and Vikings would use”.

For this project, students made their own shield out of paper. Their shield had six spots to fill in. The students drew things that were important to them and that described them.

The Mythology has units of myths, once they finish reading a myth they do a project and once they are done with the unit, they take a test.

“Right now, we are making movies, so every group got a myth of their own to read and we read it as a group, then we have to act it out and make a movie,” Worman said.

After each group is done making their movie they will all take turns showing their creation to the class. Each group got a different myth so when the class presents, the groups will learn about each other’s myth through their movies.