Laramie High School students in the Latin America class have recently participated in making murals that represent ancient civilizations.

Will Plumb, a teacher at LHS, teaches the Latin American class as well as many other classes that deal with different cultures and eras.

At LHS, the Latin America class is focused on learning about the Latin American and South American cultures. The class also learns about the origins and climates of many countries. Students also study the ways that specific countries grow and adapt to the environments around them.

John Carreon, an LHS Junior who is currently in Mr. Plumb’s Latin American class, participated in making the murals.

“I’m Mexican so I thought I’d be able to just take an easy class but, it turned out to be interesting because of the things we learn and the ways that we learn them,” Carreon said.

This class is one semester long, so to teach pertinent information in a timely manner, they work on the most important units that focus on the diversity of Latin American cultures.

“We just started to learn about the island of Haiti and how it was the only slavery revolt that was successful,” Carreon said.

“The reason we made the murals was because we needed an assignment for ancient civilization unit,” Carreon said. “Mr. Plumb let the students decide what they wanted to do so most of the class wanted to do a mural and Mr. Plumb agreed that it was a good idea.”

The students got the necessary supplies and worked together on making murals that represented an interesting time period.

“We made plans for how it would look and divided it into four groups,” Carreon said.

When the murals were finished they were placed on the glass walls of Mr. Plumbs room facing outward for others to see. When the murals were finished, Mr. Plumb talked to the students about the possibility of presenting their posters to elementary school students.

“I enjoyed making the murals,” Carreon said. “It was a fun experience and it helped me learn in more of a visual aspect which helped me comprehend some of the information that I didn’t originally understand.”