The Laramie High School girl’s swimming team won the 4A state championship that took place on Nov. 2-4.

Led by the swimming coach, Tom Hudson, the LHS girl’s swim team competed against 12 other teams at state.

Not only did they win state, they also managed break the record of the most points scored at state. There was a total of twelve events and LHS won three of them and made six total school records.

“The team is ecstatic,” Hudson said.

LHS and Sheridan High School were neck to neck for a portion of the events.

The last event was a 400 meter free-relay that allows swimmers to do any type of stroke they feel is right for the distance.

Even with the pressure of getting second place behind Sheridan on the final event, the LHS swimmers held their ground and pulled through.

Team depth attributed to the team’s success. The team consisted of 23 state qualifiers. The team closest to the number of state qualifiers that LHS had only had 14. As a result, LHS had four girls in each event which was the maximum that could enter.

“A large percentage of qualifiers actually scored in the competition,” Hudson said.

16 of the 23 LHS state qualifiers scored points.

LHS sophomore, Olivia McPherson, was one of the most successful swimmers who took part in the championship. She achieved a state record in the 50 meter and 100 meter free relay. She was also the anchor to the 200 meter and 400 meter free relay which also involved record breaking scores.

All of the swimmers have a strong sense of self-motivation, which also contributed to their success. Hudson prepares them through a lot of training, on average there is a total of three hours of training a day.

“I simply paint a picture of the challenges ahead and I prepare them for those as much as I can,” Hudson said.

The external prize for the LHS girl swimmer’s success is a state championship trophy that can be found in coach Hudson’s office next to the LHS pool.