The class “Life on Your Own” offers Laramie High School students the chance to learn basic skills that will help them later in life.

Currently, Life on Your Own is starting a cooking unit, teaching the kids how to prepare healthy foods that have correct portions of each food group to get the daily nutrients needed.

“On Friday Mrs. Poncelow [teacher of the class] showed us how to make a tasty and healthy meal using ramen noodles, because they’re cheap,” senior and “Life on Your Own” student Rachel Morgan said.

Their cooking unit has also included how to economize money so that when they are in money-tight situations, such as college they will be able to plan healthy but economic meals.

In addition to cooking, the class has also focused on other topics such as effective communication (such as in a job setting or in relationships), short- and long-term goals, writing resumés and entrepreneurship opportunities.

They have also talked about setting a budget in all different situations in life.

“We also researched the cost of living for a place we might want to live after high school or where we might want to go to college and then we had to budget all of our expenses,” Morgan said.

Life on Your Own is a semester-long course that can be taken by anyone who is interested.

“I think that it’s a good idea to take Life on Your Own, especially as a senior. Even though it’s only a semester-long course, the things I have learned in just this short time have been extremely helpful and I think it’s helpful to just start thinking about responsibilities,” Morgan said. “It takes away some of the stress of trying to figure out how to live so I can just focus on college.”

This year, the class experienced an unexpected complication when they had to switch teachers in the beginning of the semester. Once they had a new teacher, the class continued to function.

“There was a 2-3 week period during which we didn’t have a teacher, but once [Poncelow] was hired she didn’t waste any time and got right on the ball to make up the time we lost,” Morgan said.

Poncelow primarily focuses the class on teaching what the students are interested in learning.

“[Poncelow] asked all of the students what they were hoping to learn from the class and has tailored her lessons around those responses, which has been really awesome,” Morgan said.