On Friday Nov. 10, the festival took place at the University of Wyoming and lasted all day with a concert at 7:00p.m.

“I think having the University in our town is an invaluable resource to our music students,” Choral director at LHS Donna Solverud said.

Many High Schools came from Wyoming and Colorado. In total one hundred and fifty-four students attended the event. All of the students that come get to be able to sing with the many different choirs at the University. These choirs include the UW singing Statesmen, the Bel Canto Women’s choir and the Happy Jacks.

The festival was hosted by the University of Wyoming. They bring in and invite prospective music majors to experience an immersion into the collegiate vocal experience. All of the students that attend will be able to experience choral leadership or vocal performance with being able to sing alongside the collegiate choir ensembles.

The choral directors of the high school can also nominate students for excellent attitude, vocal talent and commitment. The can also nominate students for a desire in music majors.

During the day the students get to try and learn new things. They work with the University of Wyoming vocal professors. The professors are, Dr. Lamartine, Dr. Law and Dr. Dalrymple. The students also get to participate in workshops about vocal production, as well as learn the anatomy of the voice, the breathing system and singing solo.

“I love that my students get to work with the collegiate groups and gain more musical knowledge about the voice,” Solverud said.

Solverud said that she recommends that any student that has a real interest in pursuing musical education should attend the festival.

The students that attend must bring a black folder, pencil with a closed water bottle. The students must also bring business attire for the day and concert attire for the evening concert.

At the end of the festival they hold a concert. All of the choral groups perform and the students join them in one of the songs that each of the groups sing. There is also a presentation for the 2017 outstanding music director award.

“I think the more people my students can learn from, the more well-rounded musicians they will be,” Solverud said.