Two weeks ago, students in AP Psychology selected a drug from a list and report on the drug. The assignment was due on November 2nd, 2017. 
The list included psychoactive drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, steroids, caffeine and LSD.   
The report was required to be 2-3 pages, in APA format and had to include the following; what the drug does, where it is found, the drug’s history, classification of the drug (Government or Psychological), slang terms, similar drugs, medicinal and alternative uses of the drug,  psychological effects (long and/or short term), a falsehood about the drug. A multi-media presentation that had to be five minutes or less was also required.  
The students could choose whether they wanted a partner or not. If the students chose to have a partner, the pair was required to report on two different drugs.  
Cory Scimecaa teacher at Laramie High Schoolteaches Into to Psychology and AP Psychology. 
“I wanted to do this project because for the past couple of weeks we have been taking notes and notes, so it was nice for the students to get a break in between the notes and large chapter lessons” Scimeca said. “I also want my kids to know about the drugs and have them able to make a decision about drugs that are around us every day“.   
“I learned about what the drugs do to your body and how they affect your neurotransmitters and other parts of your brain”. Jason Vanlandingham, LHS psychology student, said.
“I thought it was pretty fun and since I did the Date Rape drug it gave me a better understanding of its affects and what to beware of” Carter Burchi, LHS psychology student, said.