Laramie High School Physics teachers went hunting for elk, whitetail deer and mule deer in the Snowy Range Mountains during the week of Oct. 1.

LHS teachers Erick Weitzel and Pete Kontaxes held the hunt. Kontaxes also brought his son along.

“We ended up getting three elk and one whitetail,” Kontaxes said. “In the elk, two of them were bulls and one was a cow. The bull I got was shot at a comfortable 400 yards. The whitetail was a button buck. We didn’t get a mule deer that week but did end up getting a nice buck later on in the season.”

Horses were needed during certain parts of the hunting trip to help navigate the terrain.

“At the time we were actually hunting up by Lake Owen,” Kontaxes said. “We mainly went there for mule deer but also had tags for elk and whitetail deer as well. For the mule deer, we were brought in by horseback because the country up by where we were was so steep and rocky. For the elk and everything else we just walked in. We were hunting using rifles, myself using a .338 while my son and Weitzel used a 7mm.”

The Snowy Range proved to be difficult at times during the hunt.

“Some days the weather would be no wind and beautiful while other days it’d just start snowing like crazy,” Kontaxes said. “To be exact, the first day it was about as beautiful as it gets up there. The second day it wouldn’t stop snowing and it continued to snow for the entire day. The day we went on horseback we saw a lot of deer but couldn’t get into a spot to get a good shot in.”

Despite facing these obstacles, the trip was a huge success according to Kontaxes.

“Oh yea, perfect,” Kontaxes said. “The trip couldn’t have gone any better.”

Hunting has been a key part of Kontaxes’s life ever since he was young.

“I grew up as a kid on a farm and whenever I did have free time what I did was I would hunt,” Kontaxes said.