On Nov. 4 2017 Auditions will be held for LHS Students to join the All-State choir group.

This audition process will take about 5 minutes while the plainsmen singers perform excerpts of their given songs.

According to the students themselves these auditions are very competitive as not everyone is guaranteed to make it. These students start practicing at the beginning of the year as preparation for these auditions.

Most of these students have been singing in their schools’ choir for most of their lives and now have a chance to advance past the normal level and go one step closer to a professional career in the music world as singers.

“This is a very competitive audition between us and most of us have been practicing for ages to compete and hopefully get in” LHS Junior and Plainsmen singer Anna Augustine said. As a plainsmen singer herself, she said she is excited to give her best performance in the upcoming audition.

The judges will judge voice, effort, knowledge of the material and knowledge of the notes being sang. Although it’s just singing it’s not quite as easy as some may like to believe though it is typically much easier for men to get in to All-State than it is for women because there are simply fewer men participating in the auditions so the competition is therefore much lower than it is for the female singers. They also need more men for the bass parts that most females can not sing. 

Many music teachers have made it a requirement to audition as part of their grade in the class. This is so they can get used to performing for judges as they may need to later on in the school year. They won’t be graded on how well they do in the audition but will simply be graded on whether or not they actually participate.