• Laramie High School received a 1, the best score possible, at State Marching Band this week in Casper.
    State Marching Band takes place every year in Casper and offers students from all over the state the opportunity to compete.
    Each marching band puts together a performance that consists of several songs that follow a theme that changes from year to year.
    “Each high school has a chance to put together a show, usually consisting of 3 to 4 songs that are all based on a theme,” senior flute-player Kate Eliason said. “Our show was themed New Orleans this year because that’s where we’re travelling in the spring.”
    Every few years, Laramie High School puts on fundraisers to send the band students on performance trips.
    Last summer, the Laramie High School Marching Band traveled across Europe, and this year they will go to New Orleans.
    In order to receive such a good score, Laramie High School put in a lot of effort in perfecting their performance.
    “To prepare we had two weeks of band camp during the summer, and we practiced in class every day and had 3 hour practices every Tuesday since the beginning of the year,” Eliason said.
    The Marching Band had to practice not only the music they played, but also their formations.
    “Basically, to be considered good you have to look good and sound good,” Eliason said. “So you work a lot on marching in time with each other, having straight lines, and being able to play and sound good while marching.”
    A good balance between good-sounding music and well-organized marching is what the judges look for when deciding what score each school receives.
    Throughout Laramie’s history in State Marching Band, Laramie has not frequently performed as well as they did this weekend.
    However, through all of their hard work, Laramie has improved rapidly over the past few years, culminating in a 2 last year and a 1 this year.
    “For a long time Laramie didn’t have a great marching band but the last two years we’ve improved a lot,” Eliason said.
    The Laramie Marching Band consists of many instruments, including flutes, clarinets, saxophones, trombones, sousaphones, baritones, tenor drums, snare drums, and cymbals.
    Although each instrument has very different contributions to the performance, they all work together in sync to produce the final performance.
    Receiving such a great score was a very positive moment for the Laramie High School Marching Band.
    “This is really awesome because we haven’t gotten a 1 in 13 years,” Eliason said.