Laramie High School Drama classes prepare for All-State Drama on Nov. 30 through Dec. 2 at Casper College.

Drama 2 has started creating a script for their devised play, which means that students write the play themselves.

So far, students have created the full script and will next move to blocking, which is the way the actors and actresses move across the stage in relation to the script and auditioning for the roles in said play.

“The devised play is about what would happen if the main character said yes to a marriage proposal and if she said no,” junior Rachael Hogan said.

Drama students will go to Casper from Nov. 30 through Dec. 2. Students from all over Wyoming will also participate.

Individual events are also held at the event, including musical solos and duets, monologues, group scenes, all either comedic or dramatic and different types of tech work. Four students from each school are accepted for each category.

If there are more than four students whom want to do a certain category, they will go into an audition process where the director will choose who he/she wants for the competition.

Students whom do the individual events must prepare their piece in their own time. No class time is given specifically to the students for their projects.

This year, the short film category was added to the list of available events for those students whom like to film, act or direct.

Last year, LHS performed an arena, a play on a stage which is surrounded by the audience, called “Snapshot”. “Snapshot” was based on script writers’ interpretation of a picture of Mount Rushmore.

In addition to the arena, the Drama 1 class will perform a devised play.

All-State Drama is a competitive event where students and schools are ranked against each other in their events.

“Last year we did ‘Snapshot’ as an arena, and we place sixth, and then our Drama 1 did a devised theatre and we placed tenth in that,” Hogan said.

As well as the devised play, LHS will be performing “Macbeth” for their proscenium, a play done in front of the curtain. This is being performed by LHS Theater Guild students.

This experience gives student actors another perspective on different acting styles and lets them meet new people with similar interests.

“We get the chance to watch other school’s performances and meet new people and it’s an awesome opportunity,” Hogan said.