The Laramie High School journalism and newspaper classes present The Plainsmen Rendezvous, a news website used to publish articles written by students. It was launched this school year to help promote more studentswork.

Journalism is a course offered at LHS taught by Ross McGee and Den’ja Pommarane. Pommarane has taught journalism at LHS for seven years.

The concept of an online paper has always been of interest to me, Pommarane said.

A while ago there was a website for journalism called “Virtual Plainsmen.” As the journalism and newspaper program got passed from teacher to teacher the website was lost.

“The idea of an online website really got moving when Ross got involved in journalism,Pommarane said.

There was a need for another outlet to publish students work. Each student writes around 12,000 words a semester. That ends up being around 960,000 words that students of LHS write each year. The Plainsmen Potpourri graciously publishes around 52,000 words each year.

“That’s a lot of blood sweat and tears that doesn’t make it to any kind of publication,Pommarane said.

The journalism program has tried other types of publications like a newsletter and a magazine. In today’s digital age a website simply appeals to a larger audience.

The website can publish as many articles as needed. Each week there are around 14 new articles uploaded to the website. That is 7,000 words that are published in the Plainsmen Rendezvous, in addition to the 2,000 that are in the Potpourri.”

The website URL is paid for by Albany County School District and is run by students at LHS.

“We step back and let our newspaper students do the choosing and the editing of those articles. We try to be as hands off as possible,” Pommarane said.

This website also allows for the newspaper students to get more experience and opportunity to edit.

It’s really nice being able to edit and learn what’s going on throughout the building,” newspaper student Hannah Johnson said. “The website makes it really easy to edit articles.

There are seven newspaper students at LHS. They each try to edit and post two articles each week. The website is updated every Monday.

The newest articles show up at the top of the website and the older articles get pushed to the bottom of the page as articles are added.

The easiest way to access the website is to type in the URL which is “”.

McGee is working on getting a link onto the Albany County School District website as well.

The process for setting up the website was fairly simple. McGee and Pommarane had the help of ACSD1 technology department member Gary Durbish. He did the initial setup and trained Pommarane, McGee and the newspaper students to navigate the website.

“Our main focus is cultivating student writers, aiding in the writing process and getting them material to put on the website, Pommarane said. “Even if students do not pursue a career in journalism, being engrossed in the writing process will prove to be a benefit for their future.”