Open mat wrestling, hosted by The Laramie High School wrestling team, are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the high school. The weekly event is open to anybody that wants to try out the sport.

On Tuesdays participants are in the weight room lifting, usually focusing on strengthening a certain part of the body depending on the day. On Thursdays they go to the high schools’s wrestling room to work on technique.

“If you come in and you have never wrestled before you will work with me on the basics and learn how to take a shot, learn a stance and learn a sprawl, and for the experienced guys they work on improving their moves.” Stuart Brinkman, head wrestling coach, said.

Anybody can attend open mat; the LHS Wrestling program wants to encourage kids of all ages to learn how to wrestle.

“This is a time when people can come in and try wrestling, and if it’s not for them they are not required to keep attending.” Brinkman said.

Open mat began in the summer and is still going on for anyone who wants to try the experience; all of the wrestlers want more kids to attend and work with them.  During open mats Brinkman works with the kids to help them improve and get stronger. Kids can talk to Brinkman about moves and how to do them correctly.

“I am in charge of the open mats; we have been doing them off and on since about mid-summer,” Brinkman said “I believe we can’t have any open mats in the two or three weeks before the wrestling season, so it is going end here shortly.”