Laramie High School Students participate in Key Club to make a lasting change on the community.

This club takes on a variety of service projects allowing the participants to see a large perspective of issues apparent in the community providing the students and community with the most lasting benefits.

The current enrollment in Laramie High School Key Club is about 15 members, but they hope to increase in size so they can orchestrate larger service projects. The club is advised by Mr. Plumb but run by students. The president of the Club is Monica Cossitt and the vice president is Tori Longress.

“Key Club is just a club that is really dedicated to community service and outreach in the community,” said Tabitha Raulston, a sophomore in Key Club.

According to Key Club’s website Key Club is the largest service organization for high school students in the world and has been in existence since 1925. In 2015 approximately 270,000 high school students participated. It is a student run group which advocates leadership through service to others.

In the Laramie High School Chapter they organize and run food drives, plan and serve meals for the needy, offer other food assistance for the needy, as well as organize activities and events for disabled children.

“[Last year] We ran a holiday event for disabled children which was really fun,” said Tonnie Allen, a Freshman in Key Club.

Club members plan to finalize the number and type of service projects they will complete as the year progresses.

“We will be helping Kiwanis throughout the year,” said Allen.

Kiwanis is the parent organization of Key Club.  It was founded in 1915 with a main goal to help children in their local communities.

According to their website Key Club helps to “provide our members with opportunities to serve, build character, and develop leadership.”

It instills altruistic values and the principle of service to others as well as developing leadership.

“My goal for this year is to have above average service hours and to make a positive contribution to the community,” said Allen.

The individuals in this club are striving to make Laramie a better place through personal development and development of the community as a whole.

“Apart from being something to put on a resume it was one of the only clubs in the high school that was solely focused to help people,” said Raulston.

Key Club hopes other students will join as they continue their mission of serving the community this year.