The Laramie High School Color Guard must learn different songs and steps to be prepared for the games and activities that LHS hosts.

“We mainly learn drills, steps for marching band, and routines,” Alison Martin, a Color Guard member, said.

As they learn these steps the team must communicate with the band and choregraph their movements to the beat of the music. This is sometimes difficult with different types of music. For example, rock music has a different tempo than country, pop, or rap music does. Each year there are different songs to learn and perform.

“This year we are marching to Buckjump, When the Saints, and House of the Rising Sun,” said Martin.

The routines can be difficult to learn and perfecting them can take hours even with practice taking place at school and at home. Full band practices with everyone are Tuesdays from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. a

Photo provided by Rachel Hogan

nd Thursdays from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Color Guard helps to build skills in multitasking. When moving to a new position on the field or around the band while swinging, twirling, and tossing a flag around in the air one needs to be focused.

The captain and the coaches are helpful resources for students to talk to about the rout


ines. Jade McCartor is the team captain with additional leaders Lorrie Dockter and Lexi Dockter.

Jade was appointed Color Guard Captain because she is personable and knowledgeable. She is helpful when one of the members of the team has a question about the moves and songs.

“You just have to be willing to learn the drills and the routines,” Martin said.

The Color Guard gets to meet new people that they already have something in common with around the state due to the competitions they attend.