The Japanese Festival was held Saturday the 7th and had performances by Mirai Daiko Drummers, Karate groups.

The festival was held at the cafeteria and at the theater in Laramie High School from 2:00pm to 4:30pm and was funded by the Japan-America society of Wyoming, and was assisted by the LHS international club, along with the Japanese pop culture club.

The singing for the festival was performed by Japanese students and Japanese foreign exchange students from the University of Wyoming.

The Laramie Kempo Group did a demonstration of Kempo Martial Arts from traditional Japanese history. Kempo translates to “the fist law” and is also believed to be a way of life and a philosophy.

The Daiko Drummers group from Boulder, Colorado preformed a traditional type of Japanese drumming. Daiko is a type of drumming that requires great amounts of upper body strength as well as a strong will.

In previous years other martial arts groups have performed and there has been a Kendo demonstration. Kendo is a form of traditional Japanese sword play.

The festival also had many different forms of Japanese snacks such as poky, a type of bread with chocolate over it and types of Japanese sodas which shocked some people with strange flavors.

Along with the snacks you could also buy Japanese items such as games, calendars, and different forms of art and poetry.

The Festival of Japan was first started in 2009. The University hosts the festival some years and others it will not due to lack of performers and funds.