By Alexis Didon

Laramie High School students in the Future Framers of America Organization are taking part in the annual Trick or Treat for Canned Foods on Oct. 31.

FFA has held the Trick or Treat for Canned Foods project for the past 13 years in Laramie. Last year the group gathered around 600 cans of  food from the community and donated them to Interfaith.

“Interfaith actually emailed me and asked if FFA was doing it again and of course we are,” FFA leader Danielle Kunkel said.

The FFA group goes out on Halloween and instead of trick or treating for candy, they trick or treat for canned foods.

“The community chooses to donate if they want and if they don’t want to then they don’t, no big deal,” Kunkel said.

The FFA members are split into groups on Halloween. Each group is designated an area to trick or treat for canned foods.

“Some years, depending on how many children we have, we genuinely end up with more stuff,” Kunkel said. “Overall, anytime you can collect something from the community and then give that back, I think is a success.”

FFA might have extra help for trick or treating this year.

“I even think more groups from the building are going to jump in and help this year,” Kunkel said. “That means more of the Laramie community could help.”

The group believes the annual Trick or Treat for Canned Foods is a way to return some of the contributions the Laramie community gives LHS.

“With my FFA group, community service is very important,” Kunkel said. “We believe in giving back to the community. They give a lot financially and time wise to the students of LHS and we look at this as giving some of that back.”

FFA is a national organization that helps middle school and high school students in their agricultural studies. LHS has been very successful with its FFA group.