A Laramie High School freshman enjoys writing and illustrating his own graphic novels outside of schools, and seeks to be published.

Murtha is working on a graphic novel to turn into Scholastic to become a published author.

“Graphic novels are a collection of individual issues of your average comic book,” LHS freshmen Kaleb Murtha said.

Murtha was previously unsure if he would be able to publish one of his Graphic novels.

“I asked my teacher if I could and he said go ahead and write one and give it to me,” Murtha said.

Murtha wrote a graphic novel and is also working on two other series, one that is being written by someone else and he is illustrating.

“I hope that it gets published or that they will even take it, because I don’t know if they will even take graphic novels,” Murtha said.

The graphic novel is written and illustrated; now he just needs to color it.

“I`m really good with pencil art, at least I think so,” Murtha said.

He is going to try to get the coloring done this week, with his many-colored pencils.

“But I do not work with them a lot so I am going to practice with them a little bit,” Murtha said.

Murtha has been writing and illustrating graphic novels since he was younger.

“I didn’t start putting a lot of effort into them until very recently, and I only very recently started doing ten page ones,” Murtha said.

The time it takes to make a graphic novel depends on if the story idea is already in his head or if he is trying to think of one.

”Sometimes it`s like, ok how do I fill up this time slot of ten pages, so it varies,” Murtha said.

“My dad and his family read a lot of comics as a kid, so I kinda fallowed in line with my brother,” Murtha said.

“For the longest time I was just doing them for fun because I didn’t have anything to do with them,” Murtha said. “I would show them to friends and stuff like that, all I really did was write them to record some of the characters so I wouldn’t forget a story line.”

Murtha`s favorite part about his graphic novels is illustrating the story.

“I really like designing the suits for the characters, although I do enjoy writing a good story, I like illustrating more,” Murtha said.

Murtha loves looking at his old drawings and get inspiration from those.

“I would draw on notebook paper because I was bored, but now I like to get a sketch pad and draw it on that,” Murtha said.