Students in Shelley McConnell’s ProStart 2 class are cooking food from scratch for teachers every Wednesday in the 7220 Cafeteria. The 7220 Cafeteria opened for the first time on October 4th.

At the old Laramie High School, Shelly McConnell and her ProStart 2 classes cooked food for the teachers during lunch every Wednesday.

At the old Laramie High School the now “7220 Cafeteria” was known as “The Plainsmen Deli”. The first year that the new Laramie High School opened up, there was so much going on that the 7220 Cafeteria could not open. This year however, the old tradition is coming to the new Laramie High School.

McConnell’s ProStart 2 class are cooking and serving food to the teachers in the 7220 Cafeteria. The teachers and students have the same scheduled lunch, so the students that are preparing and serving the food are volunteering and doing it during their own lunch time.

The 7220 Cafeteria will have a different menu every week for the teachers to choose from.

The menu for the first week was homemade ravioli as the main dish served with asparagus, bruschetta and carrott cake for desert. Everything that is prepared in the 7220 Cafeteria will be made from scratch.

“The faculty and staff really enjoy being able to come and get a nice meal once a week.” Shelly McConnell said.

The students in McConnell’s ProStart classes actually brought up the idea of bringing the café back to life.

“The first week of school we started thinking about what the name was going to be and how we were going to set it up and then Principle Chuck Kern thought it would be a good idea and that’s how we started.” McConnell said.

The opening of the 7220 Cafeteria was on Wednesday October 4th and was a good learning experience for students in ProStart.

“We had our soft opening on the fourth where we invite schoolboard members and administration to come so everyone can practice their service skills and the timeliness of getting food ready and out to customers.” McConnell said.

The showing of staff and administrators on the first Wednesday seemed to be plentiful.

“We had a full house. It went great. We had school board members, teachers, the superintendent Dr. Yennie came and ate. It was better than I expected. McConnell said.

The students in the ProStart classes all helped prepare the lunch last Wednesday during their cooking class periods. Students were assigned different tasks by themselves or in groups, and worked on that part of the meal during their cooking class.

“It went really well. We made pasta dough and had to roll it out and make homemade ravioli. We did that for almost two hours before the lunch and then served it during lunch.” ProStart student Nicole Sandoval said.

The Laramie High School 7220 Cafeteria will continue to be open for school administrators and staff every Wednesday during lunch for a healthy meal.