The LHS marching band will participate in the Wyoming State marching Band competition on Oct.14 in Casper.

The LHS band will be performing “When the Saints go Marching in”, “House of the Rising Sun” and “Buckjump”. When the band marches onto the field they perform two traditional funeral pieces.

“I enjoy the songs because it gives the melody to more instruments than just the flutes and because the songs have so much expression,” McCartor said.

The “Dream Team” are a group of students that are the leaders of the band. They give suggestions and an insight on how to make the marching performance better.

For the students to be prepared for state marching band, they have to start rehearsing from summer band camp up until the performance.

LHS students that go and compete at state marching band have a practice one night a week, normally on a Tuesday. These practices take place from 6:00p.m. to 9:00p.m.

Next Tuesday the band will be having a six-hour practice from 3:30p.m. to 9:00p.m. These practices take place on the football field.

The color guard and the drum line have separate practices from the rest of the band. On Tuesday, the practice is for drill, color guard has practices for their routine, and the drum line practices the music that they will be performing.

“Everyone was really nervous but our conductor would try to keep everything light hearted and let us know that it wasn’t something to get worked up about,” Former band Member and Senior Annika Pelkey said.

The band members that show up to the night rehearsals are the ones that get to go to Casper and compete. These students consist of percussion ensemble, symphonic band and students from jazz band.

This year State Marching takes place at the Casper Event Center.

Upon arriving in Casper, the directors of state marching band section each band off by schools.

Before each band performs they pull them out of the viewing area and have the band line up in the parking lot. Right before the performance time the band is taken to a practice room for them to go over their songs one more time. Once the band is done in the practice room, the directors take the band out to line up for the march out onto the performance floor and perform. The schools participating in the competition also get to watch the University marching band known as Western Thunder.

“I enjoy seeing the other schools marching styles and what themes their directors picked for them,” Senior Jade McCartor said.