Students in Laramie High School Drama are currently writing and directing their own plays for Allstate Drama.

“The play will be about 30 minutes and it will be about how one choice can change your life forever,” Junior Molly Bress said.

There will be 2 different plays that will be intersecting that will be following the same couple.

“One side of the story will be if the woman in the relationship said yes to a marriage proposal while the other side will be if she declined the proposal,” Junior Rachael Hogan said.

Even without the casting list the students are still hard at work with perfecting the last bits of the play.

“The play is about how love’s path isn’t always clear and takes twists and turns,” Junior Cooper Jackson said.

This play is both a comedy and a tragedy.

“The play has the theme of ‘the course of love never did run smooth’,” Junior Isabel Polidora.

Even though the cast list isn’t up, the students are still working on making the individual plays a success at state.

“The casting has not been assigned yet as we are still in the last bits of writing the scripts for the performance. We are doing this for the Allstate competition competing against other schools,” Jackson said

Allstate drama will be held Nov. 30, Dec. 1 and Dec. 2.