New rules kept students safe at Laramie High School’s annual homecoming dance Saturday Sept. 30.  

This was the case due to hard working LHS staff. A committed crew of staff chaperoned the dance including all four new principles, LHS teachers and two Laramie Police Officers.  

Chaperones were stationed on the dance floor, front door, parking lot and the upper level of the commons area. The goal was to keep students safe and allow them to have fun. 

Principal Chuck Kern wanted to make this the safest dancing environment for students and the dance went quite smoothly. 

“There was no major problem with students at the dance because expectations were presented to the students prior to the dance.” Principal Chuck Kern said.  

One chaperone, Kevin Kluz, was the “eye in the sky” and was on the balcony of the commons area during the dance. Kluz had the job of radioing all chaperones on the dance floor to inform them of any unacceptable behavior by a student. 

There was one prominent problem at the dance. 

Because the theme of the homecoming dance was glow in the dark and students were given glow sticks at the door. This created a problem when glow sticks began to be thrown and started to pop open on student’s clothes.  

Kluz attempted to radio down to other chaperones which students were throwing glow sticks and where the glow sticks were popping to fix the problem. However, this procedure proved difficult. 

“There were too many kids throwing glow sticks to single them out and I lost them in the crowd,” Kevin Kluz said, “As chaperones we came up with a quick plan to walk through the students and pick up the hundreds of glow sticks that were passed out.” 

“If glow sticks were the biggest problem and students had fun, that’s just fine,” Kluz said. 

Kluz seemed to add to the fun. Mid-way through the dance everyone looked up at Kluz and he started to dance. 

Students began to cheer on Kluz. 

“When Mr. Kluz danced it was wild and made everyone laugh” senior Nathan Burman said.