By Zachery Hodson

The Laramie Outlaws hockey team began practice for their upcoming fall and winter season following the reopening of the Parks and Recreation ice rink. The team’s first season game is to be assessed. Bracketing and game schedules are still being worked out.

Practice for the team started three weeks ago.

“We started off slow but we’re picking up the pace,” 18U team senior Joe Erikson said.

The Laramie Outlaws held initiation on the night of Oct. 2.

The team is broken up by age and gender. The boy’s senior 18U group includes players who are 18 years old and younger. The girl’s senior 19U group are 19 years old and younger. There is an eight year to 14 year old group as well.

The 18U group lost six seniors last year but the team’s hopes are high for the new players who are already demonstrating skill and talent.

The 18U boys anticipate to get into the state B bracket where team members are confident they have a shot at winning. The bracket includes teams such as Jackson Hole, Cheyenne and Pinedale.

“We’ve got a good shot but Pinedale is going to be our biggest competition if we end up in the B bracket,” Erikson said.

Erikson believes that the new talent combined with good teamwork will ensure a state championship title for the Outlaws. The competition is evenly matched according to Erikson. He believes the hardest competition this season will be the Pinedale team.

This coming Saturday will be the team’s first coach’s clinic. The coach’s clinic will help build the skill and teamwork necessary for the season.

The Outlaws have a chance at winning multiple state championships. Each group is confident coming into the season.

After the season many of the athletes will continue to train and attend clinics in order to keep up their skills and stay in shape.