By Jacob Daniels

Laramie High School wrestling coach prepares wrestlers both mentally and physically for the season.

Stuart Brinkman is the wrestling coach at LHS and he prepares his wrestlers by encouraging them to think about their oppositions and finding new wrestling techniques. Brinkman gives his wrestlers positivity after hard work and helps them find mental motivation.

“We will usually tell the wrestlers you guys are the hardest workers,” Brinkman said. “Your hard work really pays off.”

Reaching a top point of performance is important for wrestlers both physically and mentally. Brinkman believes it is paramount for people who are in wrestling.

Brinkman strives to achieve a middle zone when peaking his wrestler’s performance, especially before state. His goal is to have his wrestlers attempt two peaks before Christmas so they feel good about their performance before their upcoming tournaments.

“It is 80 to 90 percent mentality and the rest is physicality,” Brinkman said.

Physical training for wrestlers involves a high level of mental strength to push through the challenging conditioning.

Wrestlers at LHS are not required to drastically cut weight but it is helpful for wrestlers to eat healthy in order to feel energetic and stay in their weight class.

When state comes around the wrestlers are pushed to their limit and then allowed to rest for a few weeks before state in order to regain mental and physical strength.

Arsenio Lemus is a wrestler at LHS who competes in tournaments outside of the school’s wrestling season. He recently found himself mentally preparing for a tournament that took place on Sept. 30. His approach was to stay focused, be aware of his opponent and push through his challenges by taking the offensive.

Lemus’s mental preparation pushed him to win two matches at the tournament. He scored one to nothing in one match and 15 to nothing in another. He also managed to put up a fight against a two time Neb. state champion and he took the match to quadruple overtime.

Lemus is looking forward to the future, mentally growing in hopes of winning a state championship.