Both the guys and girls cross country teams swept a meet in South Dakota this weekend taking first in both races.

Four of the Lady Plainsmen placed in the top 25 out of the six that competed and the Plainsmen competed in a similar fashion.

In addition to competing in South Dakota the team did some activities while on this trip such as mini golfing and visiting Mount Rushmore where they ran in the surrounding area.

“So far we have been competing well,” said junior Cross Country runner, Kyleigh Bingham.

The meets vary in the level of competition as some are much more challenging than others.

“In the meets with the bigger competition we have met our goals for what we have been planning,” Bingham said.

“I think we have great chances at state for both boys and girls,” Bingham said. The State competition is October 21 in Sheridan.

Currently both the boys and girls varsity Plainsmen teams are seated first. “For the most part we have been grasping our full potential but there is always that room to improve,” Bingham said.

Even though many of the runners are either injured or exhausted the team moral is still quite positive according to Bingham.

To prepare the team for state and the upcoming meets Coach Schabron has been putting his runners through difficult practices. Their practice times are everyday after school and then before school on Mondays and Wednesdays. Some of their routines include mile repeats, hill workouts, tempo runs, long runs, pool workouts, and track workouts.

The girl’s varsity team currently is composed of Emmy Johnson, Abigail Whitman, Marlena Myer, Jayla Wulff, Kyleigh Bingham, Alison Dodds, Isabel Arnold, and Katy Kozlowski. All of the runners on the girls team are currently juniors or sophomores so the team is relatively young. The boy’s varsity team is composed of Albert Steiner, Philip Henry, Liam McInroy, Derk Lyford, Mason Swingholm, Carter Sell, and Jordan Tangeman. The boys team is older, however, with seniors Steiner, McInroy and Henry.

“There is an internal level of encouragement within that team that drives the runners for everyone to be successful,” said Bingham.

Bingham also believes that a large part of their success is due to the coaching staff that is quite knowledgeable and provides workouts based upon the runners’ individual needs.

Their next meet is Friday, September 29 in Thornton, Colorado and in the past this has been a meet where the Plainsmen have performed well, so the team is hoping for the best.