The 7220 Plainsmen Cafe is a student run café that will hold its grand opening on Wednesday, October 4th.

Meals at the café will cost $7 and all proceeds will be used to cover food costs for the culinary arts program. The cafe will also be hosting fundraisers for clubs such as the Boys and Girls club and the Rotary club. They will also assist sports teams during their respective seasons with team dinners.  In two weeks, the cafe will provide the Boys and Girls club with desserts at an event called Dine and Discover.

Shelly McConnell is the manager of the 7220 Plainsmen Café and the Laramie High School culinary arts teacher. Students in McConnell’s classes will have the opportunity to help run the café including students in the ProStart class. The students that are involved in the cafe come together each week and vote on what will be sold in the cafe and be shared with the school and community.

“The menu will differ each week and will have different options for people to choose from. One week may be breads, soups and salads and another week could be a spaghetti dinner.”  McConnell said.

McConnell wanted to start the cafe at the new high school because there was one at the old LHS building and she wanted to continue where they had left off. Also, most high schools that have a ProStart program run a cafe of their own and McConnell thought that it would be a great thing to do for LHS.

Students that participate in the 7220 Plainsmen Cafe will learn skills used by professionals in restaurants to be able to run the cafe.

Professional chefs from around the region will come to mentor students and see what it’s like for them to be involved in the cafe. Just last week, representatives from Dart food services tasted the student’s food as a sample for the upcoming grand opening of 7220 Plainsmen Cafe.

“The restaurant is a very interesting idea and it will enhance our learning skills for the future,” junior Ben Martinez said.

Taught by McConnell, ProStart is a class that is nationwide and helps prepare students with skills that are necessary for culinary arts. Students from the class had positive things to say about their restaurant experience.

“The class and the restaurant are a great way for beginners in cooking to get involved with something as good as the cafe,” junior Cade Schmidt said.