The two Laramie High School Musical Theater classes attended The Dance Theater of Harlem’s ballet demonstration at the University of Wyoming on Friday, Sept 22.

The company performed at the university in the Arts and Sciences Theater. The two classes attended the demonstration from 11: 45 a.m. to 2: 30 p.m. during the last two periods of the school day. Between the two Musical Theater classes 67 students total attended the event.

The demonstration began with an introduction that gave information about the history of the dance company and its relation to ballet as well as what the students could expect to see during the demonstration.

The students learned how the Dance Theater of Harlem incorporated ballet into their performances and about future shows that the company will perform. Dancers demonstrated different movements at the ballet barre then performed three ballet arrangements and explained the techniques of each along with how they were choreographed.

Audience members were later given the opportunity to ask the dancers from the company about their careers.

In the past weeks the Dance Theater of Harlem had been working directly with the musical theater classes instructing them in the process of how ballet and other forms of dance affect theater productions and the performance of the actors as well as teaching them choreography. This field trip augmented the lessons taught to the students earlier in the month by giving them the chance to see a performance by those who dance for a living.

Hancey believes that the class learned the importance of ballet and how it can be incorporated into musical theater and future classes which will help them in their upcoming production of the musical “The Adams family”.

Many students of the Musical Theater one and two classes have said that the performance was very educational, fun to watch and some were inspired by the performance to work even harder on “The Addams Family” production.

After the presentation the Musical Theater one and two students continue to work toward making the upcoming musical look spectacular by using what they learned from the performance.