Den’ja Pommarane, an English teacher at Laramie High School, has decided teach a creative writing project in some of his classes. Students will have the opportunity to publish their work through the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards program.

Pommarane teaches a wide variety of English classes at Laramie High School one of which is English 9. He has assigned this class a creative writing project.

Pommarane will also open up this project to his other classes but has only made it required for English 9.

The program offers many opportunities for the young writers. Submissions opened September 13 and will close on December 4. On November 4, there is a secondary day of writing. 

“It’s something that Ross McGee and I will be presenting at. We have a number of teachers from around the state that will be there to look at writing and help students polish it up,” Pommarane said.

It is required for Pommarane’s English 9 students to write the creative piece but not required for them to submit it to Scholastic Art and Writing or to attend the secondary day of writing.

Pommarane said that he can tell some students are excited about this project.

“You see a light of interest in people’s eyes,” Pommarane said.

Students have many categories of creative writing to choose from some including poetry, a novel, science fiction fantasy, a dramatic script and several others.

Pommarane had many motives for assigning this project. He started looking for a project like the Scholastic Art and Writing Award.

How can we get more people published?” Pommarane said.

Pommarane wants more students’ voices to be heard. He also decided to do this project because he liked the idea of doing a creative piece in his English 9 class.

“This is an opportunity to write in creative form… in academia we write, for the most part, expository pieces,” Pommarane said.

He also wants to see more Wyoming writers putting their work into projects such as the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards.

“I’ve judged it for two years now… you hardly ever see anyone from Wyoming in those portfolios. Let’s get Wyoming’s voice heard through the Wyoming youth.” Pommarane said.

Pommarane is also passionate about this project because he participated in the Wyoming writing project this summer and really started thinking about how students would benefit from something like the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards.