The Student Council at Laramie High School is currently working on the events surrounding homecoming.

“Right now Student Council is focusing mainly on homecoming week and getting the student body to participate in dress-up days and other activities that we have planned,” Student Council president Amy Gabriel said.

 Every year, the week before Homecoming, Student Council gives students the opportunity to participate in numerous activities.

 This week, students will have the opportunity to be part of the “dress-up” days, which include Twin Tuesday, Safety-Orange Wednesday, Tie-Die Thursday, and Laramie Pride Friday. 

 Other than planning for the new activities that take place every year, Student Council is also in charge of maintaining activities that have taken place for years.

 “Some of the activities that we have are tradition, like the “Burning of the L,” Gabriel said.

 The “Burning of the L” refers to the night before the Homecoming football game in which a large, wooden “L” is burned, signifying the official beginning of the year.

 The “Burning of the L” is also the night in which the top three Homecoming candidates are announced.

 In order to have enough time to complete all of these events, Student Council has frequent meetings that allow them to work on current projects, as well as think about future projects.

 “Usually in a student council meeting we get together and brainstorm ideas for future projects as well as organize any current projects we’re working on,” Gabriel said. “We also make posters and flyers to let the student body know what’s going on in the school or what activities are coming up soon.”

 The Student Council meets every Tuesday during lunch in order to fulfill all of their ideas.

 Student Council also utilizes all of their forces in order to get everything done. This involves asking people from all grades to help out.

 “For the dance, there’s a lot of preparation, but the junior class usually is in charge of that, and a lot of underclassmen help out,” Gabriel said.

 Through everybody working together, Student Council is able to prepare a large dance that takes place about a month after schools starts. 

 Other than Homecoming, the Student Council is also looking forward to many other events throughout the year.

 “In the future, we’re looking to put together a couple of blood drives as well as a “Kindness Week” in April where we’ll be looking at bringing a speaker in,” Gabriel said.