By Dillon DeLancey

Laramie High School girl students that are in LHS Band, Orchestra and Choir will be getting new uniforms for their performances after using the same uniforms since 1972.

 LHS Choir teacher Donna Solverud felt it was time to update the uniforms.

“Well the girls have not had new dresses since 1972,” Solverud said. “I have some new choirs this year that I didn’t have last year and I want every group to have a kind of different uniform. When I looked into how old the uniforms were I thought it was kind of time to get them updated.”

Solverud is waiting for the uniforms to be ready.

“Hopefully by the holiday season in December,” Solverud said.

The uniforms will include new formal gowns and dresses but the mixed choir will have the same uniforms as last year.

“It is still all up in the air right now,” Solverud said. “We have new uniforms for the whole musical department. It’s not just for choir, it is also for the band and orchestra. We have measured all the girls and have the uniforms picked out. We just don’t know how we are funding them yet. We’re still waiting from the central office to hear how they’re being funded.”

Solverud has been seeking help for the new uniforms from the LHS fundraising committee.

“Actually we’ve gone to the fundraising committee because we’re an activity just like football and volleyball,” Solverud said. “We feel like we should be on the rotation for new uniforms so we’re taking it to that point. We’ve also discussed charging a rental fee to all the choir kids yearly and that would help us because we do so much fundraising here that I feel people get inundated with that so we’re trying to find other options. If we did a rental fee then that would help us purchase the uniforms up front. Then in the years coming it would help us buy extras if we needed it.”

Solverud is also thinking about having the girls purchase the uniforms for $65. This option allows girls in the choir to resell their uniforms and get some of their money back but Solverud doesn’t like this option.