Former Laramie High School football player is now playing for the University of Wyoming Cowboys.

Taylor Dodd was a quarterback for the Laramie Plainsmen last year but now plays free safety for the UW Cowboys.

“The game is a lot faster and takes some time getting used to, but once you become familiar with the speed it’s amazing to think you played high school football only a year ago,” Dodd said.

Although Dodd loves playing football he says the schedule can get quite hectic.

“The hardest part is trying to manage your time to fit class assignments and homework,” Dodd said.

UW recruited Dodd starting in the summer of his junior year at the UW team football camp.

“At the end of the camp we do this round robin goal line scrimmage where all the teams with the most points wins the game,” Dodd said. “We ended up winning the whole thing and after that I was on their recruiting radar.”

Dodd has always loved football and could not be more proud playing for his hometown

“I love playing football, but most importantly I love playing football here at UW,” Dodd said. “It motivates me to represent my family and the state of Wyoming to the best of my ability and never take things for granted.”

Dodd doesn’t just like playing for the Cowboys because it’s his hometown.

“The atmosphere is great,” Dodd said. “The guys are really motivating and supportive, as well as the entire coaching staff. Their goal is not just to make you a better football player but they strive to make you a better man in the present and your future life.”

Dodd loves playing for UW and hopes to contribute to the team more and more as he gets older and more experienced.

Dodd wants to be able to improve his ability to read offensive plays and pass routes.

He also wants to get stronger and faster by working out with the team and spending extra time in practice.

The Wyoming Cowboys Record in 2016 was eight and six. Dodd wants to positively affect Wyoming’s record and win a Mountain West title himself.

Dodd suffered from a Labral tear preventing him from playing high school basketball his senior year. He waited to have his surgery until after football season because he loves the game. Now he is fully recovered and ready to move forward.